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Commercial CCTV

With a commercial CCTV System you can monitor every corner of your business or commercial building from anywhere, even remotely, increasing security for your business and your assets even while you’re away. Deter theft and vandalism with security cameras installed at external locations around your buildings, and monitor the interior with video networks that offer high quality imaging and night-vision capabilities. At Capstone Securities we offer a wide variety of camera systems to meet your needs. We can tie your NVR into your network so you can easily view your business remotely.

CCTV Systems require very specific expertise, we provide bespoke systems designed to meet the particular needs of your business. Our engineers are fully trained in the specific design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems so you can rest assured your system will be operating at full efficiency at that vital time. There are a number of complex responsibilities and obligations which may arise for CCTV operators from the Data Protection Act and the new GDPR legislation. We can provide advice to clients on the issues relating to storage and management of recorded data.

Call us today and one of our experienced engineers will design a customised system that suits your needs, and provide you with a quote that fits your budget.