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Burglar Alarms

Capstone Securities serve to provide both residential and commercial customers in Edinburgh, Lothian and Fife with high quality and award winning intruder alarm systems.

For residential customers it is important to protect your home from criminals, as damage or intrusion of the home not only causes financial loss but can also have a strong emotional impact on those affected. More than just money is invested into a property and nothing can compensate for the violation of one’s home. An Intruder Alarm can also help with home insurance quotes.

For business owners adoping security and protection measures it is extremely important as theft and criminal damage can cause huge financial loss and disruption. Having an intruder alarm system installed in a business premises plays a significant role in deterring intruders.

Capstone Securities supply a wide variety of intruder alarms – from small residential systems to highly complex multi-user commercial sites requiring 24/7 monitoring.

We assess the particular risks to the premises and can provide a security solution to suit its individual needs. We have a vast range of systems to suit any budget and application.

We can offer wireless solutions to avoid running cables around your premises and all of our systems include the following:

  • Door/window contacts
  • Movement PIR detectors
  • Control panel
  • Internal sirens
  • External alarm boxes

All intruder alarm system installations conform to PD6662: 2010 and BSEN50131.

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